The following pictures describe the sequence of points deployed when sedating Triple Warmer – the first 2 sets of pictures – and then strengthening Spleen – the third and fourth set of pictures.

In all the pictures the Green Dots show where the points are. The points are on both sides of the body though here I have only shown them on one side. This means that you will be repeating the holding sequence on first one side of the body, then the other before moving on to the next set. You are always holding 2 points together so if you find you have a free hand, the odds are, you need to check which point is being missed. In some cases, such as the very last pictures, you can hold both points on both sides of the body at the same time.

Sequence 1

The Elbow point (Triple Warmer 10) is just above the elbow in the indent where your hands naturally rest if you were to be briskly rubbing yourself to keep warm.

Stomach 36, the leg point, is just below the outside (little toe side) of the knee. If you were to let your hand rest on the outside (little toe side) of your leg, with your index finger at the bottom of your knee, your little finger is pretty much where the point is.  (shown on the third picture in the first sequence). This is creating a circuit.

If you place your 3 middle fingers of your hands over the two areas you will make contact with these points.

I have shown in the second picture (sitting down) how you hold them at the same time – note the points shown are both on the right side of the body. You hold these comfortably for 3 minutes. If listening to the radio, about the length of a song.


Sedating Triple Warmer11  Sedating Triple Warmer10  Sedating Triple Warmer9


Sequence 2

Having held the Elbow and Leg points for 3 minutes on each side, you then do these points:

The hand point is called Triple Warmer 2 and is found on the top of the hand, just above the knuckle between the little finger and the ring finger. The second point in this pair is Bladder 66. This is at the joint just before the little toe. As above, if you hold both points with the middle three fingers of your hands you will make contact with the points. You hold these point for 90 seconds.

Sedating Triple Warmer7        Sedating Triple Warmer6


Sequence 3

Having calmed the system down using the points above, we are now going to strengthen it by Strengthening Spleen.

The first point is on the palm of your hand where when you bend your little finger inwards, a line appears across your palm. This is Heart 8. Some of you might be able to stretch the little finger to this point. ( If you can, then you can do both left and right sets of points at the same time.) The second point in the circuit is near the big toe, just below the nail where the toe bulges out – the bunion point. This is Spleen 2 Hold first the points on the left side for 3 minutes, then the right (or visa versa) for 3 minutes.

Sedating Triple Warmer5         Sedating Triple Warmer4


Sequence 4

Both these points are on the big toe. They are Spleen 1 on the base of the big toe nail-  towards the middle of the body – and Liver 1 which is on the other corner of the big toe, next to the second toe. I have shown here the points with the Big Green Dots and then without. As you can see, if you like you can hold both sets of points on both big toes at the same time. Hold for 90 seconds.

Sedating Triple Warmer3  Sedating Triple Warmer2   Sedating Triple Warmer


Breath, Smile and after this sequence, take some water.

If it has been suggested this is a good routine for you to do, then once a day is your starting point (and that includes weekends and holidays). If you find it very helpful you can try twice a day. The secret is to do is with joy, not because you `should’ or `ought’ to be doing it. If you do not feel like doing it then don’t. Give your self permission not to do as you are told but to respect your inner voice.