What should I wear?

I am not working directly working on the skin; I instead work through light clothing. Cotton is preferable. Jeans are the least comfortable trousers to work with.
So, please bring with you a change of clothing that allows ease of movement for yourself as I gently move the body around.

How long is each treatment?

An hour is scheduled for each appointment.

How will I know it is working?

There should be a change. It might be better or even, worse. Either way within 48 hours you should be feeling easier in you body.

How many treatments will I need?

While this is a difficult question to answer with any certainty. If you are coming with a long standing condition, I would suggest you receive 3 treatments, ideally a week or so apart, to get the recovery really started.

I say you should notice a change after the first treatment –that change may not be dramatic, it could be a change in how you sleep, your mood, in fact it might even make the symptoms initially worse. After 3 days any adverse symptoms should have stopped and you should be feeling generally easier in yourself.

The most noticeable changes often occur after the second treatment. The third is to tie up the loose ends and address those secondary problems that might now become apparent.

If you notice NO changes whatsoever after the 2nd treatment then it is possible that this is not the right treatment for you and would advise you look at other solutions.

What symptoms might I expect after a treatment?

Those clients who have good result almost all report that by the evening of the first treatment they feel tired and achy – their muscles really do feel worked. A good night’s sleep and within 24 hours of the treatment those aches have gone and they feel very good indeed.
If you do feel tired and achy, drink more water and gently move around rather than sit for hours in one position.

Why no other treatment?

Firstly, you won’t know which one is working best for you.

Secondly, too much information for the body-mind is likely to cancel all treatment benefits. You may have effectively wasted your money.  Patience is an important part of any treatment plan.

Where to find me

I will provide directions to my treatment room in Frome (BA11 1LU) once appointment is booked